Spice up your mobile app tests using TestProject OpenSDK platform, Bitrise CI and SauceLabs

A complete pipeline for Mobile Tests

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I truely value and respect your time, therefore, here is a short glimpse of this article to know whom this is meant for

1. If you are passionate about test automation and keep on exploring new solutions for their test stack, then you are landed at the right place 🙂.

2. If you are wondering how to run your tests continously with your CI/CD pipelines, then let’s get started.

The article focuses on how we managed to place TestProject with our current CI setup.

Journey before adopting TestProject

Our use case was to run mobile app tests using appium but to integrate…

My first journey with AWS CodePipeline

Integration of Selenium + Docker with AWS CodePipeline for End to End test automation pipeline

Selenium Grid with Docker running on AWS CodePipeline
Selenium Grid with Docker running on AWS CodePipeline

To save the time of my readers, I always like to give overview of article beforehand. This article is for the folks who are making their hands dirty in selenium grid with docker and would like to build test pipeline on AWS using the CodePipeline service.

Quick Overview

My web automation project is running on a selenium grid with docker. I’m using a docker-compose.yml to spin up my selenium grid and scaling the number of browsers I need based on my workload.

Journey Begins from here…

Now before we jump to create a pipeline on AWS, let me give you…

Bitrise + Appium iOS Test Automation

Who should read this article?

This section is exactly the same as my last article where I’ve mentioned that people who have already achieved mobile app automation in their job roles. Those who love to play around appium and wants to integrate their iOS app tests into CI environments. CI tools will definitely differ from company to company. It can be Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI, etc. In our case, we are using Bitrise for the integration of our appium iOS tests.

Before I start Let me explain the use case we are going to cover here.

“We want to run our Appium iOS tests on…

Bitrise CI + Appium

Who should read this article?

Test automation integration with CI tools is what every fast-paced team wants these days. So, those who have already done with their automation of mobile apps using appium, they can integrate their test suites with Bitrise CI. I also believe that you can follow similar steps with other CI tools like Jenkins, Bamboo etc to create a smooth pipeline.I hope this will be helpful to reduce the pain of on-demand execution for your tests.

The best part about Bitrise is the way it is being designed, especially for mobile platforms. Also, it makes your life easy when it comes to…

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